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ECU Bespoke Triking Re-map IAW15M

Re-mapped ECU, This is a dedicated program / map which has been specifically developed for the Triking, boosting the low to mid range power delivery while improving fuel efficiency and smoothing out

Carburettor / Throttle / Cylinder Balancer

Carburettor / cylinder balancer, Suits all carb and E.F.I. engines, Very simple and easy to use, includes Guzzi adaptors.

Fuel Pump, Carburettor type low pressure

Facet low pressure pump ideal for Moto Guzzi carb applications. includes 6mm hose fittings.

Fuel Hose Tee connector

Fuel hose connector, Brass available in 6mm and 8mm dia, suits Carb and E.F.I. applications

Windscreen Washer kit

Complete windscreen washer kit, Compact and easy to fit.

Air Filter Foam type, Carburettor Fitment

High flow individual foam air filters suitable for all carb engines, Particularly usefull where space is limited. Price per pair.

Clutch Plate, Ford gearbox

Standard duty clutch plate suitable for Ford gearbox applications, New old stock, Clearance price.

Indicator universal large.

Large type indicator 70mm dia lens, universal fitment as fitted to some early Triking models. New old stock Clearance price – price per pair

Mirror Head

Stainless steel mirror head New Old stock Clearance price

Bonnet Badge Early type Chrome

Classic Chrome Triking Bonnet Badge New old stock, Clearance price

Front indicators Early "Lucas" type

Front indicators, Large “Lucas” pattern as fitted to early Trikings New Old Stock – Clearance price per pair

Indicator / Light switch Stalk

Multi function stalk type switch, Indicators, Hi/Lo beam, Flash and horn in one compact switch, Versatile clamp fitting is adaptable to most steering column types. #gallery-1 { margin: auto