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Triking Type 3 Sports Special 1000cc RHD

Triking Type 3 Sports new factory build featuring a retro / vintage finish including an extensively upgraded 1000cc carburetted round barrel engine. Reverse gear, bespoke suspension, Leather trim T

Triking Type 1 1986, RHD 1000cc

   Triking Type 1 1986 , 1000cc RHD, Extensively rebuilt to the same exacting standards as a new factory built Triking  including upgrades such as reverse gear and 15″ rear wheel, Immaculate

Triking Type 1, RHD 1992, 1000cc

Triking Type one 1992, Classic round barrel 1000cc engine, full touring screen and tonneau cover, engine turned dash, Very low mileage at less than 13,000 , Has undergone recent mechanical refurbi

Triking Type 3 Tourer RHD 2020 1100cc EFI

Triking Tourer New Build 1100cc EFI, Reverse gear, modular rear wheel. Bespoke windscreen. Located central UK, Worldwide shipping arranged. This Triking has now been sold but please contact us dire

Triking Type 2 Tourer RHD 2013, 1100cc EFI

Triking Type 2 Tourer, registered 2013, 2300 miles, Customer built from a Triking kit to a good specification and very high standard, 1100cc EFI engine, Stainless steel fuel tank, 15″ rear

Triking Type 2 RHD 500cc

  Triking Type 2 RHD for sale         Triking Type 2, built by customer 2012, 500cc carb engine, Full touring windscreen.15″ rear wheel, Alloy front wheels with Gri

Triking Type 3 RHD 1100cc EFI

                                                                  A very nice high specification low mileage Type 3. Built 2015, covered les

Triking Type 3 2019 1100 EFI Very High Specification

  SOLD   This Triking is no longer available, Contact us for information on similar models.   Triking Type 3  Very high specification, Contact us for full details

Triking Type 3 RHD 1100cc EFI

Triking Type 3 New Factory Build 1100cc EFI engine, Reverse gear, 15″ rear wheel (accepts car tyre) Burr walnut dash, bespoke instrumentation, Vintage red leather trim, Quick release steering w

Triking Type 2 Tourer 1100cc EFI

Pre Owned Triking Type 2  ex factory demonstrator / show car, built 2009, high spec,1100cc EFI engine with Triking ECU map, Reverse gear, Stainless fuel tank, Adjustable suspension, Alloy front whee