Pedal Assembly

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Pedal assembly, Compact, lightweight and very strong, steel construction with powder coated finish and stainless steel pedal pads. Provides adjustment for pedal positions and front to rear brake bias.

Brooklands Aero screens

Brooklands Genuine aero screens. Cast aluminium frames with “Brooklands” legend cast into frame. Chrome on brass fittings Price per pair (also available individually)

Rear view mirror set

Rear view Mirror set Stainless steel Mirrors also available individually

Polishing and Blast Cleaning Service

Polishing Blast Cleaning Service for all metal parts, Fast turnaround, Parts exchange service subject to availablility. Contact us for details and prices
£ Enquire for details

Front Wheels Aluminium rim

Front wheels, Polished alloy billet hub, Lightweight 18″ Alloy rim, Stainless steel H.D. spokes Price shown per pair (also available individually)

Front Wheels powder coated steel rim

Front wheels polished alloy billet hub with stainless steel spokes Powder coated steel 18 inch rim. Adaptable for all Triking models and direct replacement for early wheels with cast hubs.

Front Wheels Stainless steel rim

Front wheels Polished alloy billet hub 18 inch stainless steel rim stainless steel H.D. spokes. Price per pair (also available individually)

Chassis sections / spaceframe

Chassis section, suitable for all Triking models, particularly beneficial upgrade to the older models with obstructive pressed steel front section. Fitting service available.

Type 1 Triking, Fully refurbished to as new standard.

Fully refurbished Type 1 , Rebuilt to as new standard. Available soon, Contact us for full details. Price on application.

Triking Type 3 Sports Special RHD 1000cc

Triking Sports Special , new factory build,1000cc Carburetted round barrel engine, Custom performance front suspension and braking, Vintage style bodywork, Leather trim, Extensive bespoke features,

Triking Type 3 Sports Special 1000cc RHD

Triking Type 3 Sports new factory build featuring a retro / vintage finish including an extensively upgraded 1000cc carburetted round barrel engine. Reverse gear, bespoke suspension, Leather trim T

Triking Type 1 1986, RHD 1000cc

   Triking Type 1 1986 , 1000cc RHD, Extensively rebuilt to the same exacting standards as a new factory built Triking  including upgrades such as reverse gear and 15″ rear wheel, Immaculate

Triking Type 1, RHD 1992, 1000cc

Triking Type one 1992, Classic round barrel 1000cc engine, full touring screen and tonneau cover, engine turned dash, Very low mileage at less than 13,000 , Has undergone recent mechanical refurbi

Triking Type 3 Tourer RHD 2020 1100cc EFI

Triking Tourer New Build 1100cc EFI, Reverse gear, modular rear wheel. Bespoke windscreen. Located central UK, Worldwide shipping arranged. This Triking has now been sold but please contact us dire

Triking Type 2 Tourer RHD 2013, 1100cc EFI

Triking Type 2 Tourer, registered 2013, 2300 miles, Customer built from a Triking kit to a good specification and very high standard, 1100cc EFI engine, Stainless steel fuel tank, 15″ rear

Triking Type 2 RHD 500cc

  Triking Type 2 RHD for sale         Triking Type 2, built by customer 2012, 500cc carb engine, Full touring windscreen.15″ rear wheel, Alloy front wheels with Gri

Triking Type 3 RHD 1100cc EFI

                                                                  A very nice high specification low mileage Type 3. Built 2015, covered les

Clothing Discounted new old stock to clear

Clothing ……. Available sizes and colours, All prices shown include VAT and UK post ,,,,,,,, Tee Shirts £10 each Triking shed / Triking logo, Large, Dark Green, Triking Logo printed fro

Silencer Stainless Steel Touring / Performance Moto Guzzi style

Silencer, British made all Stainless steel, Moto Guzzi type shape but made with a more free flowing baffle arrangement developed for the Triking T4 model to maximise performance but not be excessivel

Silencer High Performance Stainless Steel "Turbine"

  High performance all stainless steel British made silencer with free flowing turbine shaped baffle similar to the legendary Lafranconi style fitted to early Moto Guzzis  Developed for the T4