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Silencer Stainless Steel Touring / Performance Moto Guzzi style

Silencer, British made all Stainless steel, Moto Guzzi type shape but made with a more free flowing baffle arrangement developed for the Triking T4 model to maximise performance but not be excessivel

Silencer High Performance Stainless Steel "Turbine"

  High performance all stainless steel British made silencer with free flowing turbine shaped baffle similar to the legendary Lafranconi style fitted to early Moto Guzzis  Developed for the T4

Monza Fuel cap kit

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  Monza 2 1/2 inch fuel cap kit  polished alloy fuel cap with neck, Very flexible filler hose with stainless hose clips. Developed for the T4 model but the cap can be adapted to most installat

High Performance Rear Shock Absorbers

  High performance, heavy duty Gas rear shock absorber, Stepless pre-load adjustment with 10 step quick action tool free compression and rebound damping. Suitable for all Triking Type 1,2 and 3

High Performance Front Suspension

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High Performance Suspension Kit (Front)  suitable for all Type 1,2 and 3 models, Replaces the firm std front suspension with higher performing heavy duty gas shocks featuring step less pre-load and d

Pedal / Master Cylinder Extender

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       Pedal to master cylinder extender, Used where a pedal assembly is located rearward of the front bulkhead, Available in 60mm and 120mm lengths which covers most driving positions, Ro
£8 and £9 each

T4 Front Brake Disc, high performance stainless steel

High performance Stainless steel floating front brake disc for T4 models. heavy duty mounting bobbins on powder coated steel carrier. Direct replacement for the std fitment Moto Guzzi brake disc

T4 Rear Brake Disc, High performance stainless steel

High performance stainless steel rear brake disc, fits all T4 models,  Direct replacement for the std rear brake disc on all Moto Guzzi bikes with “CARC” transmission.

T4 Pedal assembly

T4 pedal assembly, Very strong and lightweight aluminium billet pedals with extensive adjustment options, Adjustable front / rear brake bias, Available with a choice of type and size master cylind

T4 Cush drive transmission (Front propshaft)

  Cush drive assembly . Essentially a replacement front propshaft manufactured with a bonded rubber layer throughout its full length providing a cush drive function. Developed for the T4 model

Track rod end / steering rack extension

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Track rod end / steering rack extension, 1/2″ UNF thread on both ends one male, one female, T4 std fitement Available in lengths of 135mm and 160mm (excluding the male thread) to suit both std

Exhaust Silencer - Reverse Cone "Norton" Type, Stainless Steel

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  Reverse cone Silencer , Norton type pattern made entirely in stainless steel,  Straight so ambidextrous fitment, Supplied with clamps and universal mounting brackets, Suitable for all Triki