High Performance Front Suspension

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High Performance Suspension Kit (Front)  suitable for all Type 1,2 and 3 models, Replaces the firm std front suspension with higher performing heavy duty gas shocks featuring step less pre-load and damping adjustment combined with wishbones and uprights engineered for optimised geometry, The upper wishbones also provide caster adjustment offering the ability to further improve and fine tune the suspension performance. Descended from the Triking Type 4 model ,largely due to the refined geometry and travel this upgrade results in improved compliance and comfort while enhancing the overall handling.

This kit is particularly beneficial when replacing the std suspension on Type 1 models which have no adjustment and / or early type 2 models with restrictive wishbones and ball joints, Or in cases when the vehicle is used on poor / rough road surfaces.

The image shows a full kit but in the case of retrofitting depending on existing components fitted, some existing parts can be modified to the performance specification on an exchange basis resulting in reduced cost. All components shown are available separately. The image shows a version with rose jointed top wishbones which is particularly beneficial if finite adjustment is needed or adjustment out side the parameters of a std installation, For std road use a polyurethane bushed top wishbone is supplied which provides more compliance and improved longevity over the rose joint version. This kit can also be specified on a new vehicle build and / or kit build order. Contact us for full details.



Fitting this kit results in a track width increase of approx 40mm, in some cases minor components such as mudguard stays will need to be modified / adapted accordingly.



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