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AP Racing brake calliper rebuild seal kit

Genuine AP Racing calliper rebuild seal kit, Suits all AP callipers fitted to Trikings and early type Triking callipers also known as “Lockheed” type. One kit is required for one brake c

Moto Guzzi Engine / Transmission

Moto Guzzi Engine, drive train and ancillary’s , Essentially complete packages of components or “donor packages” consisting of all the Moto Guzzi parts required to build a completed
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Brake Pipe / Hose set

Complete Brake hose set, Flexi hoses with crimped ends, Copper line, Stop light switch and all fittings.

Rear Wheel Modular Triking 15"

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Modular rear wheel, The ultimate in performance and safety, accepts car type tubeless tyre. Suitable for all Triking models

Front Suspension Wishbones Adjustable

Upper wishbones, Adjustable for Caster and Camber Suitable for all Models

Engine / Crankcase breather, Stainless Steel

Engine / crankcase breather inc mounting bracket, Stainless steel, adaptable for all Triking models.

Exhaust Heat Shields / Guards Stainless steel

Exhaust heat shields, Stainless steel, Adaptable fitment , Suits all Triking models. Price per pair

Exhaust system

Exhaust system, complete stainless steel system excluding silencers, 38mm outlet diameter accepts all Guzzi, Triking and universal type silencers.

Front Suspension assembly

Front suspension assembly Upper and lower wishbones, uprights, all bushes, joints and fixings, provides Camber adjustment, powder coated finish.

Fuel tank, Stainless Steel

Fuel tank, Stainless steel, 27 Litre capacity, Adaptable for all Triking models, Fuel injection and Carburetted.

Fuel tank, Steel powder coated

Fuel tank, Steel with powder coated finish. 27 Litre capacity. Adaptable for all Triking models.

Gear Linkage, Push Pull type

Gear Linkage, Push / Pull type, Stainless steel, adjustable with rose jointed pivot, suits all Triking models with Guzzi gearbox.