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Gear Linkage, Tunnel mounted type

Gear Linkage, Tunnel mounted stainless steel gear lever assy, adjustable with rose jointed pivots, suits all Triking models with Guzzi geabox.

Hub cap, Brass

Hub cap, Machined from solid brass with Triking logo, fits all wheels with threaded hubs, can be highly polished, also available in aluminium. Price per pair

Parking brake assembly Lightweight compact type

Lightweight (rear) compact hydro-mechanical parking brake assemply, dual function caliper providing road wheel brake and parking brake function, Components also available individually

Triking / Moto Guzzi rear wheel conversion

Moto Guzzi rear wheel conversion, 15″ tubeless automotive wheel rim fitted to Guzzi cast type rear wheel, Exchange Guzzi wheel required

Rear Brake disc - Triking Modular hub fitment

Rear brake disc, alloy steel fits Triking 15″ Modular rear wheel hub, compatible with all compact type callipers.

Parking brake assembly std type

Std (rear) parking brake assembly,robust hydro-mechanical calliper providing road wheel brake and parking brake in one combined unit, components also available individually

Alternator cover

Triking alternator cover,Cast aluminium, Fits all Guzzi engines with crankshaft mounted alternators, Fits with or without the Guzzi spacer.

Chassis I.D. plate

Triking Aluminium chassis identification plate, supplied punched with relavent chassis number to order.

Silencers std Triking type

Triking silencers, Stainless steel, Emmits a quiet exhaust note, Complies with all relavent noise regulations (MSVA, Euro etc). Price per pair

Wiring loom

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Wiring loom, built with motorsport spec anti vibration cable providing excellent service life with reduced bulk and weight. Adaptable to all Triking models

Steering Assembly

Complete steering assembly, Upper and lower column, couplings, track rod ends, clamps, rack, all fittings, right or left hand drive, suits all Triking models, also available with quick release steerin

Reverse Gear assembly

Complete reverse gear assembly, Nova/Triking lightweight Reversing gearbox, drive shafts and all fittings, Adaptable for all Triking models.